Being inspired and, especially staying inspired, sometimes seems like a superpower which only chosen people have. I tend to believe that most of the creative people go through creative blocks. I don’t know how you handle them [if you go through them, of course] but for me, they are like being in hell. Making art is the thing that makes me happy, that makes me feel alive, that makes me feel different. And when you get out of a creative block, it’s the best feeling ever!! You get full of ideas and feel like you don’t have enough time to create [or in my case, paint] all the things you want.

Sketchbook stories

However, if you are in a block now or want to prevent it to happen, check out my post 9 Ways To Beat The Artist’s Block.

One of the things I’ve suggested in the mentioned post is keeping a sketchbook. Sketchbooks can always help because even if you don’t know what to paint you can simply start by scratching lines, circles, flowers, or whatever forms you want. Once you start, it gets easier.

The last time I’ve been through a painting block was right before my trip to Rome, in less than a month and the reason was that I’ve lost my confidence. I bounce from one idea to another and I think that my art is pretty chaotic. And this sometimes encourages me to continue painting and sometimes – it does exactly the opposite. Maybe that’s the way it has to be, maybe it hasn’t. But I try to remind myself that this is my way of evolving and improving my skills. Every artist has his own way of finding and developing his style. It’s like fingerprints – every art-maker is unique and has his unique path.

SO, let’s get back to the topic… [like my painting process, my thoughts and my life, my writing is also very chaotic, which I apologize for].

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So, here is where the sketchbooks and all the random sheets of paper come in.

Sketchbook stories

Being inspired daily by a lot of different artists with completely different styles of painting explains why I jump from one idea to another. From landscapes through flowers to abstracts, anatomical hearts or the Moon. Let’s say that every mood of mine comes with different ideas. And my sketchbooks are the mirror of my thoughts.

Recently, I fell in love with the art of Wendy Brightbill and it inspired me to get back to painting flowers. And even I’m considering to try painting with oil paints.

Sketchbook stories

Sketchbook stories

Another thing I’m experimenting with is trying different color combos. I’m concentrating on 2-3 colors at a time [at the moment my favorite combos are indigo + white | indigo + pink + purple | indigo + blue]. Focusing on a few colors creates an interesting challenge when painting something that’s usually way more colorful.

rose experiments đŸ’®

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[experimenting and trying to improve my way of painting roses]

quick heart sketch

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[since I can remember I’ve loved drawing skulls.. and now hearts are becoming my new obsession.. after all, if you don’t do things with your heart, don’t do them at all]

And these kinds of abstracts/color studies are an integral part of finding new combos or just enjoying the ones that are pleasant to the eye.

Sketchbook stories

[there is a big change my next favorite combo to be indigo + pink + gray]

Sketchbook stories

[I may not be a fan of winter but different shades of blue + white is a great combination and it’s perfect for the season]

So, these are my recent sketchbook pages. If you are interested in seeing more, follow me on Instagram, everything I make is there + I announce when there is something new in the shop, or when they are promotions, or everything else I find interesting.

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